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Company Information

We at 'Computers&Laptops' may come from a humble beginning, but we are striving to become a leading and reliable supplier of refurbished computers, laptops, printers and computing accessories in the UK. Thanks to our dedication, hard work and amazing work ethic, we believe we can and will. Whenever you are looking for a reliable and reputable online shop specialist, this is the place to check. We work with leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry and ensure you are getting the best-quality products and goods at a great price.

Our mission is to ensure a premium level of customer service and care and make sure you are making an informed and the best choice whenever you are shopping for computers, laptops, printers and accessories. With hundreds of orders dispatched every day, we clearly provide our clients and customers with excellence, unbeatable service, and a variety of products available on the market internationally. What helps us to develop and improve every day is our passion for what we do and our dedication to our clients and customers.

It became our mission to be able to deliver the best deals and offers in the UK and make sure everyone is able to get the computing products and equipment they need and desire. We are not just offering a wide variety of products, we are also providing all our clients and customers with professional advice in order to make sure all decisions made are the best. Collectively, the members of our team can offer dozens and dozens of years of experience and knowledge in the field and we are happy to share this know-how with you. Currently, our focus is on providing the best possible online shopping service in the UK along with a large portfolio of computers, laptops, printers and accessories from leading and reputable brands.

Everything you are looking for in order to equip your home office, invest in a new electronic device for your everyday needs to stay connected with the world, or select the best deals for an office or work setting – we have it and can offer it at a reasonable price. We work with a large network of manufacturers and suppliers in the field in order to be able to really provide you with the best deals. With every day spent in the field, we are growing and growing and we are proud to be able to offer high-quality service. We have no intention to stop improving!